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Lockbox Mailing Address

(For Checks Only)

3 Step Sports LLC

Department 2780

P.O. Box 986500

Boston, MA 02298-6500

*Must send regular mail

Regular Mail Address

3 Step Sports LLC

P.O. Box 3070

Andover, MA 01810

Physical Address

3 Step Sports LLC

300 Brickstone Sq.

Andover, MA 01810

(781) 722-0338

(833) 655-6455



General Apparel Inquiries

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Staff Store

Click HERE to view the 3STEP Staff Store



Execution Team to reach the Execution Team

Player First Registration Request Form(s)

Complete the form HERE to request registration

FOR BULK UPLOAD ONLY: Complete the spreadsheet HERE and then attach it to the form HERE

NOTE: You will have to download a copy of the spreadsheet in order to upload it to the form

NEED Player First Help?


How To Submit an Injury Report Form

Submit form: HERE or email a hardcopy to

If you have questions regarding the Injury Report Form, please submit a ticket to


Expense Reimbursement and Employee Travel

Platform Issues and Training

User Additions/ Deletions/ Permissions

General Operations Inquiries

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Event Activation

Our expertise falls into the below areas:
*on-site merchandise solutions
*activation support (before, during and post events)
*aligning best practices across all groups
For all inquiries on Event Activation please reach out to to connect with the Event Activation team.



3STEP Facility Database


To request login information, please email

How to request a third party facility contract

See the Legal Section below

How to use AthleteTrax

Ryan Bird:

How to request new Internal facility time

Submit form: HERE

How to change an Internal facility request

Submit form: HERE

General Facility Management Inquiries

Ryan Bird:

Facility Work Order Request

Submit form: HERE

General Facility Maintenance Inquiries

Joe Shirley:



Department Specific Invoice Payment Request Form


Contact Your Sport Operations Lead

General Accounting/Finance Inquiries to connect with the Accounting and Finance team


Human Resources

How to access Insperity

Insperity Portal: HERE

Insperity Help Center


3STEP Employee Directory

Visit the Employee Directory HERE

General Human Resource Inquiries

Customer Support Site to connect with the HR team.



How to request a COI

Consult your Sports Operations Lead

Legal will request all COIs for new facility contracts processed through Legal

How to request a third party facility contract

Contract Management System: HERE

If you do not have access to the contract management system contact

3STEP Staff Classifications

View Staff Classifications: HERE

How to request accounts to the COI Portal, Contract Management System, or Staff Database

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How to request a subcontractor background check

Consult your Sport Operations Lead

Ironclad Contract Management System

Click HERE to visit Ironclad

To request an account email

Contract Workflow Instructions: HERE

Contract Management Training Video: HERE

How to Get Started in the Contract Management System: HERE

General Legal Inquiries

Deanna Sheridan:



How to request event supplies

Fishbowl Access: HERE

No Fishbowl Access: Bryan Johnson:

How to request a vehicle

Submit form: HERE

How to request a shipment

Bryan Johnson:

General Logistics Inquiries

Bryan Johnson:



Marketing & Media

How to request Marketing/Media/Website needs

Submit form: HERE

How to request Event Content Capture

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General Marketing/Media Inquiries


Sponsorship to get in touch with the Sponsorship team



Issues or questions, other than PlayerFirst support, please send an email to

Access to systems? Have your supervisor send a request to the same email.




Staff Travel Form

Who needs to fill out this form?

Anyone within your brand that will require a hotel/flight and/or car to be booked through Travel First

Travel Event Support

For the event you are hosting. Provides assistance for clubs attending, your staff and umpires/officials

Event Hotel Request Form




General Video Inquiries will get you connected with the Video team

How to request Event Content Capture

Submit form: HERE