Internal Services Support


Lockbox Mailing Address

For Checks Only

3 Step Sports LLC

Department 2780

P.O. Box 986500

Boston, MA 02298-6500


*Only accepts United States Postal Office options

Regular Mailing Address

3 Step Sports LLC

P.O. Box 3070

Andover, MA 01810

Physical & Billing Address

Physical Address/Billing Address

300 Brickstone Sq.

Andover, MA 01810

(781) 722-0338

(833) 655-6455


For sport specific Coach Pay and Staff Pay boards: Contact your Sport Operations Manager


Submit a ticket to to connect with the Accounting and Finance team.


Use the CLASS FINDER to look up your class code for any invoices, reimbursement boards, payment requests, PlayerFirst builds and CONCUR expense reports.

Expense Reports and Individual Employee Travel. Visit

For all of the how to’s, timelines and steps to submit payment requests!


Facility Rental Contracts

Facility Rental Contract Guidelines

When you complete the Ironclad request form for a facility rental, follow there guidelines

Facility Rental Contract Guidelines


When a facility is sending you a contract, send them this information sheet so they have the correct information to complete their contract template.

Facility Rental Information Sheet


Operations Team


The Operations Team can assist with:

  • Check Log Management
  • Check Requests
  • Club Team Tournament Registration
  • Coach Contracts
  • Coach/Staff Pay
  • Coach/Staff Pay Paperwork
  • COI Requests
  • G4E Requests
  • PlayerFirst Registrations
  • Refunds, Credits, Invoices
  • Rental Facility Contracts
  • Square Set up & reporting
  • TicketSpice
  • TUO

Submit a ticket to to request assistance.



Need assistance on how to use a platform?

Submit a ticket:


Anyone is welcome to join the weekly training sessions that will teach and review the different platforms or tasks within platforms.

Topics Schedule

See a topic that you would like to learn more about? Join the Zoom!


We look forward to seeing you there!


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If you have questions regarding the JIRA Account creation, please submit a ticket to


Submit form: HERE or email a hardcopy to

If you have questions regarding the Injury Report Form, please submit a ticket to


Registration Request

Complete the form HERE to request registration builds

FOR BULK UPLOAD ONLY: Download the spreadsheet HERE,  complete the spreadsheet, attach it to the bulk request form HERE

NOTE: You will have to download a copy of the spreadsheet in order to upload it to the form


To sign up for PlayerFirst training, visit the Calendly link HERE to schedule time with the team

Questions & Office Hours

Submit a ticket to with any questions or concerns regarding the website or app



The PlayerFirst staff is also available online:

Thursdays from 12:00 -1:00 EST.

Office Hours ZOOM linkMeeting ID: 439 174 3100Passcode: 123Step


Helpful Resources

For additional resources and important documentation, please visit Confluence HERE

On-Site Registration Steps

Are you on-site and need to have parents/players register?

HIGHLY recommended to have an iPad or a computer to execute this!


Need help?

Additional Shared Services

Logistics Requests

How to request event supplies via FLEX: HERE

  • Contact your Sport Operations Manager for login information
  • Use “” as the cloud URL

How to request a vehicle submit form: HERE

How to request a shipment: HERE


Submit a ticket to to connect with the logistics team.

Marketing Requests

How to request marketing needs: HERE

How to request website services: HERE

For sport specific marketing support and questions, contact your Sport Marketing Account Manager.


Submit a ticket to to connect with the marketing team.

What we do

  • Video analytics
  • Live-streaming assistance
  • Highlight reel generations
  • Recruiting tools
  • Video support for event game film

Request event capture: HERE


Submit a ticket to to connect with the Video team


Submit a ticket to to connect with the sponsorship team.

Issues or Questions?

Issues or questions, other than PlayerFirst support, please send an email to

Need Access?

Access to systems? Have your supervisor send a request to the same email.


What We do


TravelFirst & Apex Events are resources to support your needs!

Staff Travel (hotels, flights and cars)

Club Team Hotel Room blocks

Event Hotel Room blocks (participating teams, event staff and umpires/officials)


Submit a ticket to or to connect with the travel team.

Staff & Club Team Support

Staff Travel Form

Who needs to fill out this form?

Anyone within your brand that will require a hotel/flight and/or car to be booked through Travel First. This is a one-time form. All information will stay on file for future use!

Staff Travel Form

Flight and Car Request

Who needs to complete this form?

Any staff member that wants assistance with booking their flight and rental car for company travel.


Club Team Hotel Room Blocks 

Who needs to fill out this form?

Any internal  club attending a tournament that needs a room block. Can be used when the host tournament requires Stay to Play.

Event Support

Event Support

For the event you are hosting. Provides assistance for participating clubs, your event staff and umpires/officials.

Event Hotel Request Form


Q & A

3STEP Travel Question & Answer

Any inquiries can go to: or


Q: Can employees still use Concur?

A: YES, employees with Concur accounts can still book travel in Concur

Note: January 1, 2024 all travel will use Travel First staff


Q: Who is the main point of contact?

A: Travel First,


Q: Is there a contact for issues on the weekend?

A: Yes, Travel First will have coverage for any after-hour issues


Q: How do we get our necessary personal information to Travel First? Eg. Date of Birth

A: Each traveler will be asked to complete a one-time STAFF TRAVEL FORM


Q: Can we send bulk requests?

A: Yes, when you complete the Request Form, use the first passengers name and then attach the document with all of the other requests. Eg. Excel spreadsheet with each traveler


Q: Will supervisors need to approve travel?

A: Yes, to ensure the booking meets budget requirements, the manager will be copied on the booking and the manager will be asked to approve. Nothing will be booked without that approval


Q: Hotels often ask for credit card authorization forms, who will complete those?

A: Travel First staff


Q: Will rental car companies require a credit card when one of your travelers picks up the car?

A: Travel First will use National/Enterprise when possible, set up direct billing, to eliminate the credit card request at pick up


Q: Who gets the rebate on Hotel room blocks?

A: The brand will be credited with the revenue


Q: How do we keep track of the rebates?

A: Monthly reports will be distributed to the Sport Operation Managers.


Q: Can Travel First assist clubs and the staff with hotel blocks/rooms when they are attending a Stay to Play event?

A:  Yes


Q: Will staff be included in the room blocks?

A: Yes, when you request that


Q: Can we use Site Search for our travel if we have used them in the past?

A: Continue to work directly with Site Search


Q: Can we still use Apex Events for your Hotel room blocks and staff rooms?

A: Continue to use Apex Events for your event housing needs. Send your requests to and Apex Events will get your information.

Contact Information

The main number to Travel First is 610-831-9275 hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm EST for hotel, flight, car requests.

For hotel assistance (check in, billing issues, etc) travelers can call or text 610-831-9275 and we will respond accordingly.

For Air/Car day of travel assistance/changes the travelers will reach out to the airline or rental car company directly